Melissa Smith 2009

Melissa Smith, a Whitehouse Fashion School final year graduate in 2009, approached me to make her beading ideas for her lingerie and final range a reality.

The first project I embarked on was to completely encrust select pieces of her lingerie range with beads and large glass crystals. Using an assortment of smoke and black diamond coloured glass crystals, in all shapes and varying sizes I secured each bead by hand to the taupe coloured base fabric until it was completely covered

She entered one of these pieces into the 2009 Triumph Inspiration Award.

The second project was her graduate year final range. It was a very tailored and structured range in dark grey and black base fabric. The brief was to use size 6 glass bugle beads and seed beads to create 3 dimensional beading.

The beading was placed along centre back jacket seams, shoulder seams, down long jacket sleeved and made up the front of a short fitted skirt. It was a fabulous exercise in fashion beading manipulation through altered measurements and placements. The seed beads were bead woven together along their top edge for stability.

The result was futuristic with the beading taking on a spine like appearance.