Tambour Classes: Private Tuition

Please find the following information regarding Tambour Beading Private Tuition.

One To One Tuition

Course Duration: 16 month
1 x 3 hour class per month
Rate per hour: $50.00 + GST per person
All tuition is to be held at a location confirmed 2 weeks prior.
Tuition classes by appointment on any of the following days: Monday, Tuesday, Friday or Saturday

You must purchase the following materials and bring them with you to the first class and every class there after:

1 metre of silk organza, colour of your choice. (Lighter colours are easier to work with in the beginning.
1 metre of calico
5 metres of 20mm wide cotton tape
Pearl head pins    
Chalk paper or dress makers Carbon
1 spool of metallic thread
1 spool of 120 polyester thread colour to match the fabric.

Tambour Beading 04


1. Introduction to Tambour beading:  Materials and Tools. Starting stitch. Finishing stitch. Hook turning direction

2. Chain stitching:  Tambour beading with metallic thread, chain stitching. Continuous and interrupted

3. Tambour beading with bugle beads:  Learn all 4 directions.

4. Tambour beading with seed beads:  Learn all 4 directions.

5. Vermicelli and Cornelli:  Learn to manipulate the hook and stitches in all directions in a continuous pattern.

6. Looped Work:  Looped stitches over rows of beads. Loops that hang free from the fabric.

7. Layered encrusting.

8. Corners & Continuous Backstitch.

9. Sequins:  Lapped. Learn all 4 directions

10. Sequins:  Flat fill in, beaded wrong side of the fabric facing up. In all directions in a continuous pattern.

11. Sequins:  Flat and beaded on the right side up. In all directions in a continuous pattern.

12. Sequins:  Side raised sequins. Learn all 4 directions

13. Tambour beading on non see through fabric:  Tambour beading with bugle beads. Learn all 4 directions.

14. 3 dimensional padding.

15. Tambour beading over 3 dimensional padding.

Tambour Bead 02

* Note: Numbers are lesson numbers. All lessons must be completed in the above order.

Please note that a minimum of one month between tuition classes is recommended. This gives you the chance to practise and become familiar with the learned technique. This practise time is crucial as you will not achieve the best result in following classes if you do not practise.  If you require more time, more than one month in between tuition, that is Ok too. The important thing is to feel comfortable with the skills you have learned, therefore confidently moving onto the next level.

Please do not expect to master the skills needed for the Tambour method as quickly as hand beading ones. With time and practise you will excel in your accuracy, speed and tension.

Tambour Beading is an art form; it requires patience and dedication, but will most surely deliver a satisfying and professional result.

Please contact me if you have any further queries. I look forward to being in contact with you in regards to booking a time for your tuition.

Yours truly, Karen Torrisi